The Family of Mary Mendenhall

Mary, sister of Benjamin and John, the emigrants, came to America with her brothers. She married Nathaniel Newlin, May 16, 1685.

Nathaniel was a son of Nicholas Newlin, and emigrated with his father from Mountmelick, County of Tyrone, Ireland in 1683, and was of age at the time of his arrival here. He was a man of good abilities, and exercised considerable influence both in meetings of the Friends and in the community at large.

During seven years, at different times, he was a representative from Chester County in the Provincial Assembly, and was frequently employed in other important trusts. He continued to reside in Concord as long as he lived, and held a large amount of real estate there was well as elsewhere. A brick dwelling house erected by him in 1699, upon the site of the present (1862) dwelling of John Sharpless, was standing until within a few years past. He died in 1731.

The children of Mary and Nathaniel were: Jemima, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Nathaniel, John, Kezie, and Mary.

Mary’s Family Tree

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