The Family of John Mendenhall

John Mendenhall was one of the emigrants who came to America from England with his brother and sister, Benjamin and Mary. He was one of the early settlers and settled in Concord, Pa. In 1685, he was married to Elizabeth, the daughter of George Morris, of Springfield Township, Pennsylvania.

He was a “Friend” and was active and influential in the Society. In 1697, he granted the grounds occupied by the Concord Friends Meeting House and graveyards.  The lands for the Friends Meeting house and Graveyard at Concord was leased tot he trustees by John in 1697, for the consideration of one Pepper Corn yearly forever. A meeting house was erected that year or the next. This meeting house was destroyed by fire about the year 1787. In the apartment in which the congregation assembled there was no place for fires but before the meeting assembled in cold weather, those wishing to make themselves comfortable, resorted to fires made in open fire places in each end of the attic, and from one of these the building took fire. The large meeting house built later supplied the place of the one destroyed by fire. Since the division of the Society, a second one has been built on the same lot.

He was one of the original shareholders in the first Concord Mills.

In 1708, his wife being deceased, he contracted a second marriage with Hester Dix. It is not known if John had any children by his second wife, but by his first wife, Elizabeth, he had three children: George, John, and Aaron.

John’s Family Tree

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