The Family of Benjamin Mendenhall

My family’s Mendenhall American line originates with Benjamin. The family originally settled in the Philadelphia area. The family gradually moved west setting in other areas of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Eventually they moved into other states. Branches of Benjamin’s family can be found in every state. All of the branches except for one can be traced back to John or Benjamin.  

Benjamin Mendenhall came from Mildenhall, England, around the year 1683. He settled in Concord, Pennsylvania in 1689. He married Ann Pennell, the daughter of Robert Pennell. They were both members of the Quaker church and attended Chichester Friends Meeting. This is most likely to be the place where they had married.

Benjamin was wheelright by trade. He was held in high esteem in both his religeous society and as a citizen. in 1714 he served as a member of the Provincial Assembly.

Benjamin Mendenhall was born in 1662 in England. His parents were Thomas Mendenhall and Joan Strode.  Benjamin died in 1740 at the age of 77 years old.

Benjamin and Ann had nine children that can be documented. Some documents lists a daughter named Ann that may be attached to this family as the first child. If Ann was a daughter of Benjamin’s and Ann’s she would have died young seeing as a daughter who was born years later was named Ann.

The confirmed children of Benjamin and Ann are: Benjamin, Joseph, Moses, Hannah, Samuel, Rebecca, Ann, Nathan, and Robert.

Benjamin Mendenhall’s Family Tree

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