The Kuhn family has been in Ohio for many generations.

Henry Koon was born in Belmont, Ohio, in 1819.  He married Sarah Bain on Oct. 12, 1837, in Muskingum County, Ohio.  Sarah was 17 when they married. Henry was 18. Together they had 12 children: Delilah, John Wesley, Amanda, Sylvester Edward, Gabriella, William, Abraham, Hiram, Arucius R., Olive C., Hall, and Allen. 

Henry died in 1890. Sarah died four years later.

I have managed to trace the Kuhn family to Germany. Unfortunately those records were lost when my old laptop died. I am in the process of rebuilding the file that I had previously and am still a long way from finishing that task. Until that file is finished, the Kuhn pages will remain a work in progress on this website.

Kuhn Family Tree

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