Mendenhall History Part 4

Murder of the Mendenhalls Edward III died A. D. 1377, and forty-five years after this date, 1442, Henry VI ascended the throne, and in his reign commenced the sanguinary struggles between the Houses of York and Lancaster, that continued so long to deluge England with blood, the inhabitants of Wiltshire were conspicuous for their attachmentsContinue reading “Mendenhall History Part 4”

Mendenhall History Part 3

Mendenhalls and the Dutch In the Gentleman’s Magazine, for 1802, is given list of Priors of several religious houses in the diocese of London. It is stated that the Prior of St. Mary Bethlehem, in the year 1388 and some years subsequent, was John Mildenhall. This appointment happened in the eleventh of Richard II, theContinue reading “Mendenhall History Part 3”

Mendenhall History Part 2

Extracts from Ancient Records While looking at old documents from England, I found the Mildenhall/Mendenhall name several times. I have recorded those events and will now share them here with all of you. Third year of Edward I, A. D. 1275“Ralph de Mildhale, mentioned in the Rotuli Hotuli Hundredorum under the inquisition taken at Marlborough.”Continue reading “Mendenhall History Part 2”

Mendenhall History

The Mendenhall family originates in Mildenhall, Wiltshire, England. The original family name was derived from this town and was changed several generations ago to what it is today. Mildenhall, Wiltshire, England Mildenhall is a small parish and picturesque village situated one and a half miles from Marlborough in the Eastern Division of Wilts, Marlborough UnionContinue reading “Mendenhall History”