The Crow Rock Massacre


May 1 , 1791 Crow Rock Massacre in Greene County , Pennsylvania . * ( From The History of Marshall County ,West Virginia published in 1879 ) According to the statement of a fourth sister, who was an eye witness of the horrid tragedy and herself almost a victim, the four left their parents’ house for an evening walk along the deeply-shaded banks of that beautiful stream. Their walk extended over a mile, and they were just turning back, when suddenly several Indians sprang from behind a ledge of rocks and seized all four of the sisters. With scarcely a moment’s interruption, the savages led the captives a short distance up a small bank, when a halt was called and a parley took place. It seems that some of the Indians were in favor of immediate slaughter, while others were disposed to carry them into permanent captivity.

Unfortunately, the arm of mercy was powerless. Without warning, a fierce-looking savage stepped from the group, with elevated tomahawk, and commenced the work of death. This Indian, in the language of Lena, “Began to tomahawk one of my sisters-Susan by name. Susan dodged her head to one side, the tomahawk taking effect in her neck, cutting the juglar vein, the blood gushing out a yard’s length. The Indian who held her hand jumped back to avoid the blood. The other Indian then began the work of death on my sister Elizabeth, and a third on Katie.”

Lena (Christina) thus describes her escape: “I gave a sudden jerk and got loose from the one that held me and ran with all speed, taking up a steep bank, but just as I caught hold of a bush to help myself up, the Indian fired and the ball passed through the clump of hair on my head, slightly breaking the skin. I gained the top in safety, the Indian taking round in order to meet me as I would strike the path that led homeward. But I ran right from home and hid myself in the bushes near the top of the hill. Presently I saw an Indian passing along the hill below me; I lay still until he was out of sight; I then made for home.”

She lived to be an old woman. The real tragedy is that Michael, one of their brothers, came upon them just moments before on horseback and offered to give the youngest sister a ride back to the house, which was mile away. Of course, the attackers waited until Michael was well out of site before scalping the girls. The remainder of the family fled to the nearest fort, which was 15-20 miles away, in Prosperity, Pa. Another Brother Of The Crow Sisters Named Jacob was afterward slain by the Indians while out hunting on Fish Creek, in what is now Wetzel county. He and his two brothers were together. Jacob was shot nine times. Martin and Frederick were wounded, but they both escaped.

The Crow Rock Massacre Memorial is next to Stone Coal Run ( Stone Coal Run is a stream ) in West Greene County Pa .

Christina Crow (the surviving sister of this attack) is my 5th great grandmother. The family moved to Ohio where Christina met and married Jacob McBride.

You can find more about these sisters at various websites. Much was written about the Crow family and the massacre.

Just so you are all aware, there is a podcast that was done at the location of the massacre. The facts are NOT correct in this podcast. If anybody would like to listen to it, you can find it here: Podcast

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