Mendenhall History Part 2

Extracts from Ancient Records

While looking at old documents from England, I found the Mildenhall/Mendenhall name several times. I have recorded those events and will now share them here with all of you.

Third year of Edward I, A. D. 1275
“Ralph de Mildhale, mentioned in the Rotuli Hotuli Hundredorum under the inquisition taken at Marlborough.”

A. D. 1301
“Sir John de Mildenhale, knight, presented a clerk to the Rectory of Mildenhale, near Marlborough.”

Sixth of Edward III, A. D. 1313
“Geffry de Mildenhale, John de Mildenhale, Ferour, with many others, accompanied the king to foreign parts beyond the sea.”

Nineteenth of Edward II A. D. 1326
Letters of protection and attorney issued to many who were about to accompany the King into France; among them “Magister Johannis de Mildenhale.”eld

Third of Edward III, A. D. 1330
“John de Mildenhale held 50 acres of land in Wydesore Forest.”

Twelfth of Edward III, A. D. 1339
“Letters of protection given by the King to many gentlemen, among the rest to Thomas de Mildenhale, and to John de Mildenhale, who were about to go i company with Phillippa, Queen of England, into foreign parts beyond the sea.”

Fourteenth of Edward III, A. D. 1341
“The King conferred to John de Mildenhale in fee, fifty-eight and a half acres of woodland, in the Forest of Windesore, in consideration of 19s 6d per annum.”

Twentieth of Edward III, A. D. 1347
“The King issues a warrant for the delivery of two hundred bows and four hundred arrows, to Robert de Mildenhale, ‘Nostro delecto clerico’ for the service of the French war.”

Twenty-first of Edward III, A. D. 1348
“The same Robert, ‘our beloved clerk,’ appears as Keeper of the Jewels in the Tower and is directed by the King to deliver two chests of ornaments to be taken to Calais for the service of the chapel, on the ensuing feast of Easter.”

Twenty-fourth of Edward III, A. D. 1351
“Another warrant to deliver nineteen hundred and 40 quivers of arrows to Robert de Mildenhale at the Tower.”

Twenty-eighth of Edward III, A. D. 1355
“A Warrant directed to Richard Mildenhale, and others, to make inquiry respecting the standard measures.”

Twenty-ninth of Edward III, A. D. 1356
“Edward de Mildenhale gave to a certain chaplain, certain lands with appurtnances, in Mildenhale, County, Suffolk.”

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