Mendenhall History

The Mendenhall family originates in Mildenhall, Wiltshire, England. The original family name was derived from this town and was changed several generations ago to what it is today.

Mildenhall, Wiltshire, England

Mildenhall is a small parish and picturesque village situated one and a half miles from Marlborough in the Eastern Division of Wilts, Marlborough Union and County Court District, and Diocese of Salisbury. It includes the tithings of Poulton and Stitchcombe.

The Mildenhall Church of St. John the Baptist is an old flint building, with a square tower containing a peal of 5 bells; the interior is lined with polished oak, with pews and pulpit of the same, admirably carved.

The register dates from 1560. There is a Protestant Free School with master’s house attached, built in 1824, which was founded by the Rev. C. Francis, who was rector of this parish for 33 years, and at his death bequeathed £4000 for the building and endowment.

In this parish the Roman road from Aquce Solis (Bath) to Spinae (Newberry), and the road Corinium (Cirencester) to Venta Belgarum (Winchester) meet and probably determined the site of the Roman station, termed Cunetio or Cunetium. Here the Romans appear to have established themselves. They had a town in what is now known as Blackfield, and a military camp of considerable earthworks, on the Hill at Folly, the two being connected by a fosse or covered way.

Roman coins are found in large quantities and the date pricipally after Gallenius A.D. 268; bronze relics and pottery are also found while diggings have disclosed fragments of tessolated pavements, of frescoes, and also of foundations. A well was explored by the late Rev. Charles Soames, which produced some fine pieces of Samian ware.

In all these towns the Mildenhalls were quite numerous. The old town of Mildenhall in Wilts is an old town and an old land mark, but has not increased very much in population, and is not found on all maps. It is only a small country place of only a few houses and lies off the Great throroughfare, while Mildenhall in Suffolk is quite a market town of several thousand inhabitants with a stream navigable for barges and a good buisiness town. It may be found upon almost any map.

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